5 Things to Bring to an Initial Consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you have made the decision to get some professional debt relief help, meeting with a bankruptcy attorney can be important to finding out more about your best options for proceeding.

These meetings, which are typically free, are good times for you to ask questions and get honest answers about what to expect moving forward. And if you are able to take some time to prepare for this consult, getting together the following things can help you get precise information while getting your bankruptcy case started ASAP.

Items to Bring to an Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

  1. A listing of your assets – Specifically, create a list of your major assets and the approximate values of them. Items to list on this asset inventory can include (but are not necessarily limited to) homes and other real property, motor vehicles, valuable collections, jewelry, art, and tools.
  2. A copy of your credit report – An official copy of your credit report will list in detail each of your current debt obligations, as well as how much is currently owed for each debt (and whether you have defaulted on it). This can give an attorney a clear picture of the debt issues you are facing and whether there may be a need to get your bankruptcy case going sooner (because, for instance, creditors are already moving forward with lawsuits or other actions against you).
  3. Bank statements and paystubs – These documents will help a lawyer evaluate your average earnings, which are crucial to determining what bankruptcy options may be best suited for you. For instance, those who earn under a certain amount can qualify for Chapter 7, which may allow them to discharge a lot of debt while retaining some assets.
  4. Documents related to past bankruptcy cases – If you have ever been through bankruptcy before, make sure to bring the documents you have related to this case and how it was resolved. This paperwork can also impact what your options are now for bankruptcy and what debts you may not be able to eliminate due to a subsequent bankruptcy case.
  5. Documents related to pending/recent lawsuits and/or court orders against you – If you have been or are currently involved in any civil lawsuits, including divorce or custody cases, be sure to also bring the documents related to these cases with you when you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer. This paperwork can provide important information regarding money you may have coming to you or regarding debt you may not be able to eliminate in bankruptcy (like child support or spousal support debt).

A Final Word about Initial Bankruptcy Consults

If you are not able to prepare any documents prior to your initial meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer, don’t worry. A good lawyer can help you gather these items in the future. The point of preparing them ahead of time is simply to get better answers when you first meet with a lawyer and, if necessary, kick off your bankruptcy case ASAP to avoid worse debt issues.

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