Pleased with Professionalism

Ms. Garcia: Just a thank you note for your services as attorney at law in our bankruptcy case. We are very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism you handled this case in every step from beginning to end. Rest assured we will contact you again if we need attorney services in the future, and, of course, we will refer you to our friends and family with our highest recommendations.Thank you again for your extremely professional services.

-Raul and Liliana

We Are Better Now

My husband and I would like to extend a sincere thank you to you both and for the efforts given on our behalf with our Chapter 7 filing. Making the decision to file was a very difficult one for my husband and I, as we carried a lot of guilt and remorse for not following through on our promise to pay our creditors; even though it arose through unforeseen troubles that were out of our control. We appreciate the time spent in explanation of the procedures and advising us with our best interests in mind. This is something that George and I would not have liked to go through without your guidance and direction and for that we thank you both. George and I never saw ourselves in a million years sitting in bankruptcy court, but life has many turns. And as my husband put it walking to the car after the creditor meeting: “we can go forward now and make good conscious decisions, we are better now.” This is true. Thank you for your services and counsel.

-George and Shanna Y.

Excellence & Experience

I have known the Garcia & Gonzales team in a professional capacity for many years. In my opinion, there are no better attorneys in the business. They handled my personal injury case for me. It was resolved quickly and in my favor. I have referred my own customers for bankruptcy, divorce, real estate matters and personal injury and all have come back with very positive feedback. I wouldn’t refer my customers to anyone else!

-Tony W.

A Fresh Start

The very last thing I wanted to do was file for bankruptcy. However, with the IRS hounding me… I was left with no other choice. Thank you for getting them off my back. Thank you so much for helping me get a fresh start.

-Jim S.

Recommend Without Hesitation

Thank you for the high quality, professional services you continue to provide me and my firm. I strongly recommend your services without hesitation.

-Darla E.

Calm & Compassionate

Thank you Richard. I can’t believe I waited so long to contact you. My experience with the previous two lawyers was not that great, they definitely needed some cultural competency training. You have a very welcoming and calm spirit…thank you for that. Filling bankruptcy is right up there with marriage, buying a new home and divorce in terms of stress provoking situations. However I don’t feel that much stress going through it with you. I see the light at the end of this long tunnel. Thanks so much Richard.

-Dr. D.W.

Excellent Application

…a note of appreciation for the excellent application your law firm applied in bringing this case to a swift and favorable conclusion.

-Alan T.

A Wonderful Team

Carla & Richard, I want to thank you for your assistance in making my bankruptcy go so smoothly. Your thoroughness in explaining everything and the promptness which you send out correspondence and documents is unrivaled! You are a wonderful team and I will certainly recommend your legal expertise.

-Sharon JH

Understands Your Needs

Before we found Mr. Gonzales, we hired an attorney that was not up to speed on the law and was not patient with us (we had a lot of questions). He did not take the time to fully examine all of our paperwork and really was not looking out for our best interest. There are a lot of lawyers out there that will sweet talk you into believing that they are there for you only then AFTER you pay them you realize they are in it for themselves. This is NOT the case with Mr. Gonzales. He has taken his time with us explaining the law and answering all of our questions. Before he took our case he was already looking for the best options for us, he took his time and was very helpful. I knew then that we could trust our case with him. We fired our other attorney and hired Garcia & Gonzales. They really care about their clients and make sure we get the right information and they make you feel like you are their only client. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced attorney who understands your needs and will work with you!

-Theresa and Harvey P.

Made Me Confident

Dear Mr. Gonzales, I have worked with several attorneys and you truly stand out. My case was very complicated and had many variables. Because of your background in so many different areas of law, you really understood how one issue could affect another. You also explained some complex strategies to me in a simple manner which made me confident that the best decisions were made. Thanks again.

-Jackie K.

Extremely Grateful

We recently went through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding due to a failed small business. We had accumulated a lot of personal debt trying to keep that business going and still had an operating business that we wanted to retain. If that weren’t complicated enough, we also had a pending lawsuit because of the business that did not survive this economy. Richard walked us through the process and outlined everything we needed to do. It quickly became obvious he knew what our rights were and that he had the experience and knowledge to protect them. His office staff gave us a list of everything we needed to provide and was extremely thorough and professional. All the hard work up front really paid off when it came time for our creditor (341) hearing. Due to the complexity of our case we expected it to be a very drawn out process. Since Richard’s office had already provided the trustee with everything he needed his questions were minimal. We were done in less than 10 minutes, most of which was spent on the standard questions they are required to ask everyone. We are extremely grateful to Richard and his staff for all of their hard work.

-Therese M.

Great Job Done

Hi, I just wanted to call & thank you guys for such a great job done. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me & if I know of anyone in the future that ever needs to go through a bankruptcy or anything else, I’ll send them your direction. Like I said you all did an excellent job. Thank you.

-Karen M.

Would Recommend

I really like this team! They find you resources you may need, and they really care and help out and make sure to follow up with you and not just leave you hanging. Great team! Would recommend!

-Cassidy C.

Great & Honest Service!

Great & Honest service! Even after a year after the case closed a firm was trying for a “Motion for Revival” and Richard handled it at 0 cost. Thank you!

-Cesar F.

Smart & Aggressive

Looking for top notched legal advice? Look no further. This law firm is on the ball, smart, aggressive and always looks after their clients' best interest. Great value. I have first hand knowledge of their expertise in the areas of Bankruptcy, family law, commercial real estate. I recommend this firm without hesitation.

-Darla E.

Highly recommend

Mr. Gonzalez and Ms. Garcia have impeccable professionalism, I had a very smooth process, and everything was explained out with honesty and ease. Their Paralegal, Ronna is great as well, she is very thorough with things, explains with detail, and takes her time with you, this team really gets things done for you! I had a very nice experience. Highly recommended!!

-Andrea S.


My husband and I experienced financial difficulties due to his poor health and a depressed economy. We reached out to Garcia & Gonzales in an effort to save our home. They helped us with our Ch.13 and stayed with us through the entire program. Not only did we complete the program successfully, but we came out financially stronger than ever. Garcia & Gonzales truly cares about their clients from beginning to end.

-Kelly C.