Receiving a 1099-C After Bankruptcy

Receiving a 1099-C After Bankruptcy No matter what life circumstances led you to the decision to file for bankruptcy, Garcia & Gonzales, P.C. understands it was a difficult choice. Practicing since 1977, our lawyers have successfully handled thousands of bankruptcy cases and expertly guided our clients through the process of recovery in the wake of financial challenges. At Garcia & Gonzales, P.C., we pride ourselves on our ability to provide [...]

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The Supreme Court Updates Bankruptcy Rules

Last year, the Supreme Court approved several changes to bankruptcy results surrounding the administration of consumer bankruptcy cases as well as Chapter 13 cases. It took Congress’s rules committee several years to draft and debate the rule amendments, which took effect Dec. 1, 2017. Let’s take a look at each change. New Bankruptcy Rules The Supreme Court Updates Bankruptcy Rules The following rule amendments help explain why they [...]

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8 Tips for Fixing Your Credit Rating Following Bankruptcy – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on tips for fixing your credit rating after a bankruptcy, we talked about the first steps to take to get your financial affairs back in order. Building your credit back up, as we discussed, involved gathering your credit reports, disputing negative comments and errors on your credit reports, and using kindness to your advantage to try and get negative credit report remarks removed, and [...]

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8 Tips for Fixing Your Credit Rating Following Bankruptcy – Part 1

So, upon the advice of your legal advisors, family, or friends, you wiped the slate clean and filed bankruptcy. Now, you are wondering what to do next after the dust has settled on your financial life. Maybe you’re young and you made some mistakes, or you made some bad business decision, but now you plan to come back stronger than ever. There good news – you can put a bankruptcy [...]

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7 Things You Should Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Every one of us knows a company that we’ve liked or enjoyed the services of that have gone bankrupt. Here’s a quick historical list of the 10 biggest American companies that have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the last two decades: American Airlines in 2011 (reformed under new management) Chrysler in 2009 (restructured) MF Global in 2011 (DOA) Conseco in 2002 (restructured) Enron in 2001 (DOA) CIT Group [...]

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6 Strategies to Avoid/Limit Debt & Save Your Credit

Like it or not, accumulating debt has become an American tradition. Just look at our government, which is about $20 trillion in debt. Individually or jointly (married), we’re not much better, seeing as 80 percent of Americans are reportedly in debt with an average debt burden of $67,900 hanging over our heads, according to a 2015 report by Pew Charitable Trusts report.1 There is a slight bright side to [...]

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Will I Lose My Home If I File for Bankruptcy?

Not necessarily, as whether or not you can retain your home through a Colorado bankruptcy case will depend on a number of factors. Some of these include: Whether you take advantage of the Colorado homestead exemption The value of your home/property. Clarifying this answer a bit more, the following presents some of the most important facts to know about the Colorado homestead exemption for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. Although [...]

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Bankruptcy Planning 101: 6 Things to Do before Filing for Bankruptcy

When bankruptcy is your best option for resolving major debt issues, what you do in the planning phase – before you file your bankruptcy petition – can be critical to how smoothly your future case proceeds. It could also impact how your case ends up being resolved and how much money and time you have to spend to reach that resolution. To help people understand how to position their [...]

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5 Options You Have When You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Are you struggling to pay all of your monthly bills? Is your debt starting to snowball because you simply can’t keep up with your bill payments? If so, there may be various options for addressing the outstanding debt before it gets out of control – and before creditors start moving forward to garnish wages, repossess your assets and/or sue you. What You Can Do When You Can’t Pay Your [...]

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6 Money Mistakes that Can Lead to Bankruptcy

Serious debt issues can arise when finances are mismanaged. Although there can be a lot of factors that contribute to people’s financial decisions and possibly their debt, however, the following are some of the most common and costly money mistakes that can exacerbate any financial situation – and that may trigger: Rapidly snowballing debt The need to file for bankruptcy in the future in order to get a financial [...]

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Your Rights & the FDCPA: When to Report Abusive Debt Collection Practices to the FTC

When debt gets out of control and people have problems making their payments on time, creditors and debt collectors will usually reach out to consumers, trying to get them to resume payments. Just how and when this contact is made, however, is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a federal statute that specifically prohibits a number of “abusive” debt collection practices. Knowing your rights under the [...]

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When Is It Better to Save Money versus Pay Down Debt?

Tax season is upon us. And for those who are expecting to receive a refund (or any chunk of money – like an inheritance or bonus, regardless of the season), figuring out whether to use that money to build up a savings account versus pay down (or off) debt can be tricky – especially if they want to take the most advantage of this extra money. If you are [...]

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What Is the Means Test for Bankruptcy?

When people struggling with debt decide to pursue bankruptcy in Colorado for a financial fresh start, one of the things they will need to do before they can officially file their petition with the court is to take the means test. The bankruptcy means test is essentially a complex calculation that determines whether prospective bankruptcy petitioners quality for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Those who “pass” the means test can pursue [...]

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Buying in to some common myths about credit and debt can be seriously costly. To help you avoid being misguided into the traps associated with these myths, below, we have debunked some common and costly misconceptions about debt and credit. Whenever you are ready for specific advice regarding your debt situation – and how to resolve it, simply contact a Denver bankruptcy attorney at Garcia & Gonzales, P.C. Myth 1 – [...]

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4 Essential Facts to Know for the FTC’s National Consumer Protection Week

From March 6th through 12th, officials with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are sponsoring National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), a period focused on encouraging “consumers nationwide to take full advantage of their consumer rights and make better-informed decisions.” Backed by dozens of local organizations across the U.S., NCPW is aimed at empowering consumers to protect their rights and their hard-earned money, providing them with the tools and information they [...]

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Can I Get Rid of Student Loan Debt via Colorado Bankruptcy?

No, bankruptcy will not eliminate student loan debt. However, you can get rid of a lot of other types of debt via Colorado bankruptcy, and that may free up funds to pay down or to pay off your student loans. Additionally, you may qualify for student loan forgiveness or other options, which could help you pull yourself out of debt and get the financial fresh start you need and [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Debt Problems

Managing debt is a part of many people’s lives. When that debt gets out of control and starts to become unmanageable, it may be enticing to try to ignore the issue, blindly hoping it will go away or resolve itself. The fact is, however, that debt does not just disappear. And ignoring it or pretending it doesn’t exist can come back to haunt you in a big way. What [...]

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4 Powerful Tips for Rebuilding Credit after Bankruptcy

Colorado bankruptcy can be the first step towards resolving serious debt issues. After the bankruptcy process, however, there are additional steps that people may need to take in order to get their finances back on track and to avoid falling back into substantial debt again. And, in many cases, rebuilding credit is one of these steps. For those who are working improving their credit following a Colorado bankruptcy case, [...]

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How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer for Your Debt Relief Needs

When dealing with serious debt, having the help of an experienced professional – like a seasoned Colorado bankruptcy attorney – can make a big difference in how your debt issues are resolved – and what you financial outlook may be for the coming years. If you are facing serious debt, here are some of the things to look when you are ready to move forward with the help of [...]

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What Creditors Can – and Cannot – Repossess

Repossessing assets is one method creditors and debt collectors may use to try to compel borrowers to repay their debt – or to try to recoup on defaulted debt when repayment seems unlikely. When it comes to repossession, however, there are specific rules regarding what can and cannot be repossessed. Understanding the difference can be essential to protecting yourself and your assets – and to knowing when it may [...]

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4 Ways to Avoid Becoming the Victim of Tax Identity Theft

Tomorrow is the start of Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, a national public awareness campaign sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To support this campaign, below, we have pointed out some of the most effective ways that consumers can combat tax identity theft and avoid becoming victims. How Tax Identity Theft Commonly Occur In order to avoid becoming a victim of tax identity theft, it’s first important to [...]

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How Long Does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Take to Resolve in Colorado?

The duration of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Colorado varies, depending on the specifics of the case, such as the amount of assets that comprise the bankruptcy estate. In general, however, Chapter 7 cases in Colorado last between 3 to 6 months. Below is a simplified overview of what typically happens during these months, along with some of the things that can complicate these cases by prolonging them past [...]

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5 Effective Tips for Paying Down Holiday Debt

Is holiday debt catching up with you in 2016? Are you facing credit card bills that are way heftier than you expected? If so – and if you are ready to start aggressively paying down this debt, here are some of the effective things you can do: Figure out how much money you have to put towards debt – In other words, determine what your typical bills cost you [...]

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5 Essential Tips for Getting Your Finances on Track in 2016

The New Year is almost here. And while many people may be getting ready for this evening’s festivities, others may be making some longer-term plans to improve their life in 2016. For those who are focused on getting out of debt and improving their finances in the New Year, here are some essential tips for getting on track: Put yourself on a monthly budget – Figure out what you [...]

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What to Do When You Don’t Recognize a Debt: 5 Steps to Take

Each year in the U.S., debt collectors contact consumers about a billion times seeking repayment of some outstanding debt. While some of the debts triggering this contact may be valid, not all of them will be. Also, not all parties who claim they are owed some debt will be legitimate debt collectors. Knowing what to do when you come across a fishy debt and/or a new debt collector asking [...]

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Colorado Homestead Exemption in Bankruptcy: FAQs

Colorado bankruptcy exemptions allow the people who are pursuing bankruptcy to retain some of their assets through the process. While these bankruptcy exemptions can apply to various types of assets – including cash, personal property and even insurance policies, they can also protect people’s homes in some cases. To shed some light on the details of this exemption, below, we have answered some common questions about the homestead exemption [...]

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Bankruptcy Planning 101: 5 Steps to Take before Filing a Bankruptcy Petition

Eliminating debt through bankruptcy can help people get their finances back on track. While bankruptcy is a process that can take months (or longer) to resolve, however, preparing to file for bankruptcy can also be a process. This is because there are some steps consumers have to take before their bankruptcy petition will be ready to file with – and acceptable to – the courts. How to Prepare to [...]

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Holiday Spending in Check

As 2015 winds down, many people are getting ready for the holiday season – and for a lot of people, this will mean spending money to buy decorations, get loved ones gifts, and/or prepare for holiday parties. If you don’t want to go into debt – or into further debt – celebrating the holidays this year, below are some helpful tips for keeping your holiday spending in check. If, [...]

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5 Myths about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that You Should Not Believe

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or liquidation bankruptcy, can be an effective debt relief option. It is not for everyone, however, as there are some limitations regarding who can pursue a Chapter 7 case, as well as what a Chapter 7 case can do. To set the facts straight, below we have dispelled some of the most common misconceptions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Colorado. When you are ready to [...]

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4 Places to Look for Errors on Your Credit Report

Your credit report details your debt obligations and repayment history, among other things. Consequently, this report usually serves as one important factor in determining your credit score, which can be central to your purchasing power and borrowing opportunities. Unfortunately, however, not all of the information on credit reports is always up to date or accurate. And, in some cases, this inaccurate information can negatively impact you and/or your credit [...]

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5 Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer during an Initial Consult

When you are ready to resolve serious debt issues, meeting with a bankruptcy attorney for an initial consult can be the best way to get answers about your options for moving forward. While this meeting can provide you with some insight regarding whether bankruptcy may be a viable debt relief solution for you, it can also serve as an opportunity for you to obtain other information that may be [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself (& Answer) before Filing for Bankruptcy

When you are ready to take action to resolve serious debt issues, filing for bankruptcy can be one of your better options for debt relief. Before you proceed with a bankruptcy case, however, answering the following questions can help you determine: What type of bankruptcy case may be best suited for you, based on your situation and needs Whether there are additional steps you may need to take before [...]

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How Bankruptcy Impacts Credit: 3 Myths Dispelled

Bankruptcy can be an effective way to overcome crushing debt and achieve a financial fresh start. While this can be a huge benefit of filing for bankruptcy, however, it is important to understand that: Bankruptcy cases can have some other impacts as well, particularly when it comes to people’s credit; and Bankruptcy cases are typically the first stage in the process of improving a financial outlook, as those who [...]

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FAQs about Colorado Payday Loan Laws

Payday loans have a bad reputation for a good reason – they target people who are already struggling with debt, enticing them with “easy” but very expensive access to a chunk of money quickly. This is why payday loans are often called predatory loans – and why Colorado legislators have put some laws in place to regulate payday lenders and better protect consumers. Delving deeper into this topic, below, [...]

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5 Steps to Prioritizing Your Debt

Debt can easily snowball with overspending and/or a lack of a budget. For those who are struggling with debt and are ready to start taking action to reduce it, however, the first step can be to prioritize all of their debt obligations. This can help people develop the best plan for starting to aggressively pay off their debt and save the most money possible in the process. How to [...]

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The Advantages (& Possible Drawbacks) of Filing for Bankruptcy Prior to Divorce

Bankruptcy and divorce can be two sides of the same coin, with either contributing to the other for many married couples. When people facing serious debt also are ready to end their marriages, whether they choose to pursue bankruptcy or divorce first will be important – and can have some important impacts on the other case that follows. It can also have longer term impacts on their finances and [...]

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Scraping by Each Month? Follow These 4 Tips to Get Your Finances Back on Track

When it seems like your paycheck drains out of your checking account as soon as it’s deposited, you are probably stressed out about money, and you are likely living paycheck to paycheck. For many people in this situation, even just one unforeseen event – like an accident or the need for a pricey home or car repair – can end up plunging them into serious debt. To avoid this [...]

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5 Things to Bring to an Initial Consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you have made the decision to get some professional debt relief help, meeting with a bankruptcy attorney can be important to finding out more about your best options for proceeding. These meetings, which are typically free, are good times for you to ask questions and get honest answers about what to expect moving forward. And if you are able to take some time to prepare for this consult, [...]

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4 Signs It’s Time to Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney

Many people struggle with debt every now and again. While some people are able to turn their financial situations around and climb out of debt, however, others may face ongoing debt issues. Knowing when to take action and consider filing for bankruptcy, however, can help people avoid complicating their debt situations. And it can help them get the financial fresh start they need as soon as possible. Strongly Consider [...]

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3 Important Facts to Know about Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy fraud can be a federal offense, leading to years in prison (among other penalties) in the event of conviction. Because bankruptcy fraud can come in different forms – and because people may not even realize some that certain actions may be considered fraud in bankruptcy cases, below, we will point out some important facts to understand about bankruptcy fraud. Bankruptcy Fraud: Here’s What You Should Know There are [...]

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3 Options to Avoid When You Need Money ASAP

No matter how careful you may be with your money, there are times when sudden, unavoidable expenses can arise, screwing up a budget and possibly leaving people scrambling for cash. This commonly arises, for example, with accidents/injuries that trigger expensive medical bills or even with vehicles when breakdowns or malfunctions lead to pricey fixes. If you find yourself in any situation where you need some extra cash ASAP, there [...]

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Use This Sample Letter to Dispute a Credit Card Charge

Dealing with credit card companies can be stressful, especially if you need to get a charge you didn’t acquire off of your bill and records with the company. While you may be able to dispute these charges over the phone, some companies may also require you to send a written, more formal letter to explain the issue and why you are not responsible for the credit card debt. Below [...]

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4 Mistakes to Avoid Making before Filing for Colorado Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can help people get out from under crushing debt. When people make the choice to pursue bankruptcy as a debt relief option, however, it can take at least a few months from when they make this decision to when their paperwork is actually filed with the court. This is because people may need to do things like complete the credit counseling requirement first. In such cases, it will [...]

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Your Rights & the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: FAQs

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits debt collectors’ use of abusive, deceptive or unfair tactics to try to collect debts from consumers. Under the FDCPA, you, as a borrower, have certain rights, and debt collectors are obligated honor these rights and provide you with clear, truthful information. To clarify just what your rights and protections are under the FDCPA, below, we’ll answer some of the most commonly [...]

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4 Facts to Know When You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Even the most fiscally responsible people can find themselves in situations where they are unable to meet their financial obligations. Whether this is because of divorce, unemployment, illness or some other reason, the bottom line is that the following facts can be pivotal to helping you: Figure out your best debt relief options Know when to reach out for professional debt relief help. When You Are Struggling Financially, Be [...]

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5 Tips for Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt

The average household that is carrying debt owes about $15,800 in credit card debt. While credit card debt may not be more important to pay off than your other debts, focusing on getting this debt paid will be crucial to: Reducing your overall debt obligations Freeing up additional funds that could be put towards other debts Improving your overall financial situation. Below, we’ll reveal some of the most effective [...]

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CO Bankruptcy Court Filing Fees at a Glance

Bankruptcy can help people eliminate their debts and obtain a financial fresh start. To obtain these benefits of bankruptcy, however, people have to first proceed through the bankruptcy legal process, the first steps of which will be filing a bankruptcy petition with the court and paying the related filing fees. Because different types of bankruptcy cases have different related fees, below, we’ll provide an overview of the Colorado bankruptcy [...]

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Break these 4 Bad Habits to Start Improving Your Finances Now

When you want to get your finances back on track, trying to earn extra money can be one option. However, if you aren’t able to effectively manage your money, earning more may not be the solution you need – especially if you end up experiencing a drop in income at some point in the future. Instead, a better idea can be to change your financial habits, helping you to [...]

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Got Annoying Bill Collectors? Here’s How to Stop Them from Contacting You

When you owe on some debt and haven’t been able to make your payments on time, bill collectors will usually start bombarding you with calls and mail to try to get you to start making debt payments again. While these calls can be distressing, you should be aware that there are some things you can do to: Put a stop to bill collectors’ attempts to contact you. Start climbing [...]

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What Debt Won’t Be Discharged through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an effective way to resolve serious debt issues. However, it’s important for people to understand that not all types of debt can be wiped away via these cases. In fact, depending on the nature of people’s debt obligations: They may end up still carrying some significant debt after a bankruptcy case; Understanding this upfront can be essential to taking the right steps [...]

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The Credit Counseling Requirement for Bankruptcy: 7 Facts to Know (Pt. 3)

Additional Important Info about Credit Counseling for Colorado Bankruptcy Fact 6 – In rare cases, it can be possible to complete the credit counseling requirement after filing for bankruptcy. According to bankruptcy laws, the court will ONLY allow bankruptcy petitioners to complete the credit counseling requirement after filing for bankruptcy when all three of the following conditions apply: The petitioner tried to get credit counseling from an approved agency [...]

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The Credit Counseling Requirement for Bankruptcy: 7 Facts to Know (Pt. 2)

Resuming The Credit Counseling Requirement for Bankruptcy: 7 Facts to Know (Pt. 1), here, we’ll continue to reveal some important things you should know if you are considering filing for Colorado bankruptcy soon. Credit Counseling for Bankruptcy: More Important Info Fact 3 – The costs of credit counseling may vary according to your financial situation. The Office of the U.S. Trustee has mandated that credit counseling agencies keep their [...]

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The Credit Counseling Requirement for Bankruptcy: 7 Facts to Know (Pt. 1)

Filing for Colorado bankruptcy can be a powerful way to resolve serious debt problems, but not just anyone who files for bankruptcy can realize this benefit. In fact, there are certain eligibility requirements that must first be met, and one of these includes satisfying the credit counseling requirement. Taking a closer look at this aspect of bankruptcy cases, this three-part blog series will point out some important facts to [...]

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Can I File for Colorado Bankruptcy Again?

Yes, as long as you meet the necessary requirements. In fact, whether you will be able to pursue another Colorado bankruptcy case will depend on: How long ago your previous bankruptcy petition was filed What type of bankruptcy case you previously pursued Whether your previous Colorado bankruptcy case was successfully resolved. Filing for Colorado Bankruptcy Again: Here’s What You Should Know If your previous bankruptcy case was successfully completed [...]

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Debt Settlement FAQs: What You Need to Know about Settling Debt with Creditors (Pt. 3)

Wrapping up this blog series, here, we will answer some final debt settlement FAQs. Debt Settlement FAQs: Additional Answers You May Need to Have Q – What are some of the red flags of debt settlement scams? A – If you are shopping around for debt settlement companies, beware of companies that: “Guarantee” to settle your debt for pennies on the dollar Charge you fees before any of your [...]

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Debt Settlement FAQs: What You Need to Know about Settling Debt with Creditors (Pt. 2)

Debt Settlement FAQs: More Important Answers Q – Are creditors obligated to settle debts?  A – No. What few people realize when they sign up for debt settlement programs is that their creditors are under NO obligation whatsoever to agree to settle their outstanding debts. This means that, even if you have signed up for a program, there are actually no real guarantees that you will be able to [...]

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Debt Settlement FAQs: What You Need to Know about Settling Debt with Creditors (Pt. 1)

The average American household has more than $15,600 in credit card debt, according to the U.S. Federal  Reserve. While this amount of credit card debt can be enough to make money tight around a household, the situation can get financially dire when such debt is compounded by issues like persistent unemployment, massive mortgage/medical/other debt and/or when a divorce may be impending. All of this can be grim news, but [...]

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Life after Bankruptcy: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 3)

Concluding our series Life after Bankruptcy: 6 Facts to Know, here, we’ll reveal a few more things you may want to be aware of when it comes to bankruptcy. Life after Bankruptcy: Here’s What Else You May Need to Know 5 – With the right planning, your financial life after bankruptcy can improve significantly. While we’ve discussed some of the efforts that may need to be made to improve [...]

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Life after Bankruptcy: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 2)

Resuming Life after Bankruptcy: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 1), here, more important info about what to expect following a successful bankruptcy case will be revealed. More Important Info about Life after Bankruptcy 3 – Getting a credit card after bankruptcy can be a bit more challenging. Given that life after bankruptcy can mean dealing with some credit impacts, this fact may not be that surprising. This is because, [...]

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Life after Bankruptcy: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 1)

Pursuing bankruptcy can help people resolve some significant debt issues. In fact, by eliminating some of the more common and crushing debt people have (like credit card debt), bankruptcy can effectively provide people with a financial fresh start. Given, however, that successful bankruptcy cases are often a first step in the road to full financial recovery, in this blog series, we will take a closer look at what people [...]

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How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 3)

Ending our blog series How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips, below is some more helpful advice that can facilitate the process of paying down debt. How to Pay Down Debt: More Helpful Advice Tip 5 – Avoid running up new debt while you pay down your current debt. Although this tip to pay down debt may seem obvious, the journey to get out of substantial debt can be [...]

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How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 2)

Resuming How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 1), here, we will reveal some more essential things to keep in mind as you focus on reducing and eliminating your debt obligations. How to Pay Down Debt: More Essential Tips Tip 3 – Pay more than the monthly minimum on at least one debt. This is a crucial tip to remember if you truly want to pay down your [...]

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How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 1) 

The average U.S. household is carrying more than $203,000 in debt, when factoring in credit card debt, mortgage debt and student loan debts. While making efforts to pay such debt down is clearly important to getting to a better financial state, knowing just how to do this can be a little less clear, particularly if you are juggling multiple bills and financial responsibilities on a limited income. To shed [...]

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Filing for Bankruptcy: FAQs (Pt. 3)

Here’s the conclusion to our three-part blog series Filing for Colorado Bankruptcy: FAQs. Filing for Colorado Bankruptcy: More Important Info Q – What are the reasons that a bankruptcy petition wouldn’t be accepted? A – The courts can reject bankruptcy petitions for any number of reasons, only some of which may include that: Fraud is suspected in a given case. The bankruptcy petition was not properly filled out. The [...]

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Filing for Bankruptcy: FAQs (Pt. 2)

More Answers about Filing for Colorado Bankruptcy Q – Will I lose my house by filing for Colorado bankruptcy? A – Not necessarily. In fact, by filing for bankruptcy, in some cases, people may be able to keep their homes even after a bank has threatened to foreclose on it. The reasons for this can be that: With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there is a homestead bankruptcy exemption, which allows [...]

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Filing for Bankruptcy: FAQs (Pt. 1)

If you are overwhelmed by debt and are thinking about filing for Colorado bankruptcy, you may have some questions about what to expect from the process. To give you a better idea about what this debt relief option generally entails, as well as whether it’s right for you, in this three-part blog series, we will answer some frequently asked questions about filing for Colorado bankruptcy. When you are ready [...]

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Bankruptcy Glossary: Common Bankruptcy Terms Defined (Pt. 3)

Concluding our blog series Bankruptcy Glossary: Common Bankruptcy Terms Defined, below, we will define some more common bankruptcy terms that are important to understand if you will be filing for or are going through bankruptcy. Final Part of Our Bankruptcy Glossary Means test – The qualifying test used to assess people’s average income to determine whether they are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. With the means test [...]

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Bankruptcy Glossary: Common Bankruptcy Terms Defined (Pt. 2)

Resuming Bankruptcy Glossary: Common Bankruptcy Terms Defined (Pt. 1), here, we will highlight the definitions of some more commonly used bankruptcy terms. If you will be or are going through bankruptcy, understanding what these terms mean and how they may apply to your situation can be important. Our Bankruptcy Glossary Continued Dischargeable debt – Debt that can be discharged or eliminated through a bankruptcy proceeding. Debts that generally qualify [...]

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Bankruptcy Glossary: Common Bankruptcy Terms Defined (Pt. 1)

Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy to get out from under significant debt? If so – and if you’ve never filed for bankruptcy before, you’re going to probably run across or hear some common bankruptcy terms that you may not be familiar with. Understanding these terms, however, can be important to knowing what to expect from the process and possibly even to assuaging your concerns about moving forward. [...]

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We have the skill

WE HAVE THE SKILL We have the skill and insight needed to help you reach your goals Our firm represents a diverse group of businesses, families, and individuals in all areas of bankruptcy throughout the Denver Metro area. At Garcia & Gonzales, P.C., we are committed to providing high quality legal service that is effective, affordable and family friendly. With over 45 years of combined experience, you can bet you [...]

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Contact Us Today! Let’s talk about your best options for getting out from under overwhelming debt.

When you contact us, you will communicate directly with one of our attorneys, not a paralegal or legal assistant. We also welcome Spanish-speaking individuals to contact us – hablamos Español..

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