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Bankruptcy can help people eliminate their debts and obtain a financial fresh start. To obtain these benefits of bankruptcy, however, people have to first proceed through the bankruptcy legal process, the first steps of which will be filing a bankruptcy petition with the court and paying the related filing fees.

Because different types of bankruptcy cases have different related fees, below, we’ll provide an overview of the Colorado bankruptcy court’s fee schedule (as of June 2015).

Overview of Bankruptcy Filing Fees in Colorado

Type of Case Filed/Action Needed

Filing Fee

Chapter 7


Chapter 13


Change Ch. 13 -> Ch. 7


Reopening a Ch. 7 Case*


Reopening a Ch. 13 Case*


Deconsolidating a joint bankruptcy petition

Ch. 7: $335Ch. 13: $310

*Note: These fees for reopening a bankruptcy case do NOT apply when the case has been reopened to correct an administrative error, unless this action involves submitting a Certification of Completion of Financial Management Instruction.

With these fees, petitioners (i.e., the people filing for bankruptcy) should also be aware that:

  • Additional fees may be assessed for additional court administrative work, such as making copies or retrieving archives.

  • The bankruptcy court will NOT accept payments for bankruptcy filing fees via credit card or personal check (when the petitioner is paying these fees).

  • Petitioners can, instead, make payments via cash, a money order or a cashier’s check. While cash payments must be made in person (and must be the exact change), other forms of payment can be mailed to the court.

  • If an attorney covers the filing fees on behalf of a petitioner, a law firm credit card or preprinted check can be used to cover these costs.

  • Colorado bankruptcy filing fees are regularly updated, so be sure to check with the court for the latest updates before sending in payments.

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