Garcia & Gonzales, P.C June 21, 2021

Below is the transcript for our Video Business Card

I'm Carla Garcia and I'm a consumer bankruptcy attorney with the law firm of Garcia Gonzales. My name is Richard Gonzales I'm a lawyer with the law firm of Garcia and Gonzales. I'm a native of colorado he's born in southeastern colorado but I was raised in the metro Denver area. I grew up here my family came to Denver in 1947 the rest of my family lived in new Mexico for hundreds of years. Garcia Gonzales was formed by my law partner Richard in November of 1985 and I joined the firm in 1994.

We each have our different strengths and weaknesses in our personalities and we both compliment each other very well both as lawyers and as individuals. I've been a lawyer for 44 years I was a prosecutor in Arapahoe county that's where I got most of my trial work experience and I started doing a general practice so I did divorces criminal defense civil litigation real estate litigation workers comp personal injury probate matters so I handled a wide range of activities after that. I've practiced in areas of family law personal injury workers' compensation collection cases some probate cases and of course bankruptcy.

Because of the different areas of law carl and I have practiced in we're able to see how all the different areas of law intertwine together and how we can get the best result by filing bankruptcy where they can keep the most of their assets. We represent individuals families and small business owners. our clients can expect first of all confidence second of all competence and lastly compassion. I also work with clients that are Spanish-speaking so I'm perfectly able to help Spanish-speaking clients.

Call in and we set up a consultation once they come in for the consultation we have to fill out a one-page intake sheet. We've done thousands of bankruptcy cases so we have a set of questions that we ask people so that we can know how to guide them into bankruptcy non-bankruptcy chapter 7 chapter 13. When's the best time to file that consultation takes about an hour to gather all the information and then we give them all their options. There's life after bankruptcy so the bankruptcy is not the end-all it's actually the beginning of a process.

A number of years ago I had an elderly gentleman that came to see me and he had been the victim of a predatory lender. He owned a ranch in rural colorado he also had a couple of commercial buildings. It was a very difficult case with a very aggressive creditor. We had numerous court hearings, but in the end, we were able to help him basically reorganize and keep everything.

I enjoy helping families it's a very scary situation to have you know financial problems and worry about you know how you're going to support your family or support yourself. So I really enjoy helping families and giving them a light at the end of the tunnel. You can contact us by visiting our website dot or calling us at our office at 303-839-8888.