How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 1)

The average U.S. household is carrying more than $203,000 in debt, when factoring in credit card debt, mortgage debt and student loan debts. While making efforts to pay such debt down is clearly important to getting to a better financial state, knowing just how to do this can be a little less clear, particularly if you are juggling multiple bills and financial responsibilities on a limited income.

To shed some light on just how people can start to climb out of debt and improve their financial situations, in this blog series, we will highlight some straightforward tips regarding how to pay down debt.

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How to Pay Down Debt: Here’s What You Can Do

Tip 1 – Calculate how much money you can put towards your debt on a monthly basis.

As you get organized and serious about paying down your debt, a good thing to start focusing on first is your spending habits. In particular:

  • Figure out how much you need to spend monthly on your necessary expenses (i.e., living expenses and current debts).
  • Calculate how much money you spend on nonessential items monthly. Such items or expenses can include eating out, entertainment costs, etc.
  • Determine what you have left over (if anything) after this spending is done.
  • Take a closer look at both your essential and nonessential monthly expenses to evaluate if you can cut back on any of these costs and, in doing so, free up more money to pay down your debt more aggressively.

Tip 2 – Prioritize your debts.

Once you’ve developed an effective budget for yourself, the next thing to do can be to prioritize your debts or, in other words, figure out what debts should be paid down more aggressively first versus which debts can possibly wait.

As you prioritize your debts, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Debts with the highest interest rates should be the highest priority to pay down first, as these debts will end up costing you more money to pay off the longer they persist.
  • Once you’ve prioritized your debts, remember that even the debts that are lower in priority will still need to be paid on a monthly basis (so don’t try to aggressively pay down a high-priority debt at the expense of missing another debt payment, as this could sabotage your efforts to pay down debt).

For more tips on how to pay down debt, see part 2 or part 3 of this blog series. 

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