My husband and I would like to extend a sincere thank you to you both and for the efforts given on our behalf with our Chapter 7 filing. Making the decision to file was a very difficult one for my husband and I, as we carried a lot of guilt and remorse for not following through on our promise to pay our creditors; even though it arose through unforeseen troubles that were out of our control.We appreciate the time spent in explanation of the procedures and advising us with our best interests in mind. This is something that George and I would not have liked to go through without your guidance and direction and for that we thank you both.George and I never saw ourselves in a million years sitting in bankruptcy court, but life has many turns. And as my husband put it walking to the car after the creditor meeting: “we can go forward now and make good conscious decisions, we are better now.” This is true. Thank you for your services and counsel.