We recently went through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding due to a failed small business. We had accumulated a lot of personal debt trying to keep that business going and still had an operating business that we wanted to retain. If that weren’t complicated enough, we also had a pending lawsuit because of the business that did not survive this economy. Richard walked us through the process and outlined everything we needed to do. It quickly became obvious he knew what our rights were and that he had the experience and knowledge to protect them. His office staff gave us a list of everything we needed to provide and was extremely thorough and professional. All the hard work up front really paid off when it came time for our creditor (341) hearing. Due to the complexity of our case we expected it to be a very drawn out process. Since Richard’s office had already provided the trustee with everything he needed his questions were minimal. We were done in less than 10 minutes, most of which was spent on the standard questions they are required to ask everyone. We are extremely grateful to Richard and his staff for all of their hard work