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When dealing with serious debt, having the help of an experienced professional – like a seasoned Colorado bankruptcy attorney – can make a big difference in how your debt issues are resolved – and what you financial outlook may be for the coming years.

If you are facing serious debt, here are some of the things to look when you are ready to move forward with the help of a lawyer:

  1. Experience – The more experience a bankruptcy attorney has, the more insight (s)he can provide regarding different debt relief options (and the better options for you, given the specifics of your situation, as well as your goals). So, look for a lawyer who has at least a few years of experience and, more ideally, a decade or more of experience handling Colorado bankruptcy and debt cases.

  2. Credentials – Just because a lawyer has experience with bankruptcy cases in Colorado does not mean that experience may be good or valuable for your needs. So, be sure to double check the lawyer’s credentials and record with the state bar association. This can tip you off to any issues – like professional censures, formal client complaints or even license suspensions/revocations – that you may want to know about when it’s time to deal with your debt issues.

  3. Practice areas – Even if an attorney is experienced with bankruptcy cases and has a good record with the state bar association, check to see how much of his or her practice is dedicated to handling bankruptcy and debt-related cases. Ideally, you want to move forward with a lawyer who primarily concentrates on Colorado bankruptcies, as that can provide some reassurance that your case is a priority.

  4. Positive reviews or references – Checking to see what former clients have to say about an attorney can be a helpful way to gain additional insight to the quality of services you can expect from a given professional. So read testimonials and reviews, and consider requesting references from your top choices (if you need some further guidance in narrowing down your options).

  5. Reliability & clear communication – When you have narrowed down your options to a few bankruptcy lawyers, meet with each option for an initial consultation so you can talk to them and get a feel for each professional. Ultimately, you will want to retain an attorney who you trust and who you can expect clear, honest communications with (and responsive service) moving forward.

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