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Your Rights & the FDCPA: When to Report Abusive Debt Collection Practices to the FTC


When debt gets out of control and people have problems making their payments on time, creditors and debt collectors will usually reach out to consumers, trying to get them to resume payments. Just how and when this contact is made, however, is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a federal statute that specifically prohibits a number of “abusive” debt collection practices. Knowing your rights under the FDCPA – and what constitutes illegal and abusive debt collection practices – is important to protecting yourself and knowing when to fight back and report the violators to the Federal Trade [...]

Your Rights & the FDCPA: When to Report Abusive Debt Collection Practices to the FTC2018-02-15T17:39:28+00:00

When Is It Better to Save Money versus Pay Down Debt?


Tax season is upon us. And for those who are expecting to receive a refund (or any chunk of money – like an inheritance or bonus, regardless of the season), figuring out whether to use that money to build up a savings account versus pay down (or off) debt can be tricky – especially if they want to take the most advantage of this extra money. If you are contemplating this issue with any significant chunk of money, below are some of the most important factors to consider in order to help you determine whether to save your money or [...]

When Is It Better to Save Money versus Pay Down Debt?2018-02-15T17:15:13+00:00

What Is the Means Test for Bankruptcy?


When people struggling with debt decide to pursue bankruptcy in Colorado for a financial fresh start, one of the things they will need to do before they can officially file their petition with the court is to take the means test. The bankruptcy means test is essentially a complex calculation that determines whether prospective bankruptcy petitioners quality for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Those who “pass” the means test can pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Colorado while “failures” mean that petitioners will have to pursue some other type of bankruptcy case, such as a Chapter 13 case. To shed some more light [...]

What Is the Means Test for Bankruptcy?2018-02-15T17:13:59+00:00



Buying in to some common myths about credit and debt can be seriously costly. To help you avoid being misguided into the traps associated with these myths, below, we have debunked some common and costly misconceptions about debt and credit. Whenever you are ready for specific advice regarding your debt situation – and how to resolve it, simply contact a Denver bankruptcy attorney at Garcia & Gonzales, P.C. Myth 1 – The best way to avoid credit and debt problems is to not have any credit cards. Fact – This is not necessarily true. While not having credit cards may be helpful [...]

DON’T BUY IN TO THESE 4 MYTHS2019-02-19T22:13:39+00:00

4 Essential Facts to Know for the FTC’s National Consumer Protection Week


From March 6th through 12th, officials with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are sponsoring National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), a period focused on encouraging “consumers nationwide to take full advantage of their consumer rights and make better-informed decisions.” Backed by dozens of local organizations across the U.S., NCPW is aimed at empowering consumers to protect their rights and their hard-earned money, providing them with the tools and information they may need to fight back against scams, identity theft and other illegal or abusive practices. To support this effort, below, we have pointed out some of the most important facts to [...]

4 Essential Facts to Know for the FTC’s National Consumer Protection Week2018-02-15T17:56:42+00:00

Can I Get Rid of Student Loan Debt via Colorado Bankruptcy?


No, bankruptcy will not eliminate student loan debt. However, you can get rid of a lot of other types of debt via Colorado bankruptcy, and that may free up funds to pay down or to pay off your student loans. Additionally, you may qualify for student loan forgiveness or other options, which could help you pull yourself out of debt and get the financial fresh start you need and deserve. We’ll explain this in more detail below… Debts that Are Dischargeable via Colorado Bankruptcy Although student loan debts are not dischargeable via Colorado bankruptcy cases, debts that can be eliminated [...]

Can I Get Rid of Student Loan Debt via Colorado Bankruptcy?2019-02-19T22:12:55+00:00

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Debt Problems


Managing debt is a part of many people’s lives. When that debt gets out of control and starts to become unmanageable, it may be enticing to try to ignore the issue, blindly hoping it will go away or resolve itself. The fact is, however, that debt does not just disappear. And ignoring it or pretending it doesn’t exist can come back to haunt you in a big way. What Happens When Debts Are Ignored The reason that ignoring debt issues can be so problematic is that it can give creditors or debt collectors the opportunity to move forward with more [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Debt Problems2018-02-15T18:00:14+00:00

4 Powerful Tips for Rebuilding Credit after Bankruptcy


Colorado bankruptcy can be the first step towards resolving serious debt issues. After the bankruptcy process, however, there are additional steps that people may need to take in order to get their finances back on track and to avoid falling back into substantial debt again. And, in many cases, rebuilding credit is one of these steps. For those who are working improving their credit following a Colorado bankruptcy case, here are some powerful tips to keep in mind: Take out a few secured lines of credit – You have to have credit to be able to demonstrate that you can [...]

4 Powerful Tips for Rebuilding Credit after Bankruptcy2018-02-15T18:06:47+00:00

How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer for Your Debt Relief Needs


When dealing with serious debt, having the help of an experienced professional – like a seasoned Colorado bankruptcy attorney – can make a big difference in how your debt issues are resolved – and what you financial outlook may be for the coming years. If you are facing serious debt, here are some of the things to look when you are ready to move forward with the help of a lawyer: Experience – The more experience a bankruptcy attorney has, the more insight (s)he can provide regarding different debt relief options (and the better options for you, given the specifics [...]

How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer for Your Debt Relief Needs2019-02-19T22:10:06+00:00

What Creditors Can – and Cannot – Repossess


Repossessing assets is one method creditors and debt collectors may use to try to compel borrowers to repay their debt – or to try to recoup on defaulted debt when repayment seems unlikely. When it comes to repossession, however, there are specific rules regarding what can and cannot be repossessed. Understanding the difference can be essential to protecting yourself and your assets – and to knowing when it may be time to take stronger action to stop repossession from happening. Items That Can Typically Be Repossessed Homes – Homes are typically purchased via secured mortgage loans. This means that, in [...]

What Creditors Can – and Cannot – Repossess2018-02-15T18:08:59+00:00