4 Ways to Avoid Becoming the Victim of Tax Identity Theft


Tomorrow is the start of Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, a national public awareness campaign sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To support this campaign, below, we have pointed out some of the most effective ways that consumers can combat tax identity theft and avoid becoming victims. How Tax Identity Theft Commonly Occur In order to avoid becoming a victim of tax identity theft, it’s first important to understand how this type of identity theft usually occurs. In general, tax identity theft happens when thieves get ahold of someone’s personal information, including their social security number (SSN), and use [...]

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How Long Does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Take to Resolve in Colorado?


The duration of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Colorado varies, depending on the specifics of the case, such as the amount of assets that comprise the bankruptcy estate. In general, however, Chapter 7 cases in Colorado last between 3 to 6 months. Below is a simplified overview of what typically happens during these months, along with some of the things that can complicate these cases by prolonging them past 6 months. An Overview of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process in Colorado The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process starts when someone files an official bankruptcy petition with a Colorado court. Before this [...]

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5 Effective Tips for Paying Down Holiday Debt


Is holiday debt catching up with you in 2016? Are you facing credit card bills that are way heftier than you expected? If so – and if you are ready to start aggressively paying down this debt, here are some of the effective things you can do: Figure out how much money you have to put towards debt – In other words, determine what your typical bills cost you and how much extra (or disposable) income you have to put towards your debt. As you do this, it can be helpful to also develop a monthly budget for yourself so [...]

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5 Essential Tips for Getting Your Finances on Track in 2016


The New Year is almost here. And while many people may be getting ready for this evening’s festivities, others may be making some longer-term plans to improve their life in 2016. For those who are focused on getting out of debt and improving their finances in the New Year, here are some essential tips for getting on track: Put yourself on a monthly budget – Figure out what you have to spend each month to cover your essentials (including living expenses and bills), as well as your maximum monthly spending limit. Be as detailed as necessary in putting together your [...]

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What to Do When You Don’t Recognize a Debt: 5 Steps to Take


Each year in the U.S., debt collectors contact consumers about a billion times seeking repayment of some outstanding debt. While some of the debts triggering this contact may be valid, not all of them will be. Also, not all parties who claim they are owed some debt will be legitimate debt collectors. Knowing what to do when you come across a fishy debt and/or a new debt collector asking you to pay on debt you don’t recognize can be the key to protecting your hard-earned money. Confronted with Suspicious Debt? Here’s What You Can Do… Identify the debt collector – [...]

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Holiday Spending in Check


As 2015 winds down, many people are getting ready for the holiday season – and for a lot of people, this will mean spending money to buy decorations, get loved ones gifts, and/or prepare for holiday parties. If you don’t want to go into debt – or into further debt – celebrating the holidays this year, below are some helpful tips for keeping your holiday spending in check. If, however, you need answers now about what you can do to get out of debt, contact a Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer at Garcia & Gonzales, P.C. How to Reign In Your Holiday [...]

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4 Places to Look for Errors on Your Credit Report


Your credit report details your debt obligations and repayment history, among other things. Consequently, this report usually serves as one important factor in determining your credit score, which can be central to your purchasing power and borrowing opportunities. Unfortunately, however, not all of the information on credit reports is always up to date or accurate. And, in some cases, this inaccurate information can negatively impact you and/or your credit score. Common Credit Report Mistakes Although mistakes can appear on credit reports for a number of different reasons, when they do, they often take the form of: Wrong personal information – [...]

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FAQs about Colorado Payday Loan Laws


Payday loans have a bad reputation for a good reason – they target people who are already struggling with debt, enticing them with “easy” but very expensive access to a chunk of money quickly. This is why payday loans are often called predatory loans – and why Colorado legislators have put some laws in place to regulate payday lenders and better protect consumers. Delving deeper into this topic, below, we have answered some commonly asked questions about Colorado laws pertaining to payday loans. What Consumers Should Know about Colorado Payday Loan Laws Q – What are the maximum loan amounts [...]

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5 Steps to Prioritizing Your Debt


Debt can easily snowball with overspending and/or a lack of a budget. For those who are struggling with debt and are ready to start taking action to reduce it, however, the first step can be to prioritize all of their debt obligations. This can help people develop the best plan for starting to aggressively pay off their debt and save the most money possible in the process. How to Prioritize Your Debts List out all of your current monthly debt payments – Be sure to include debts like mortgage and car loan debt, as well as credit card debt, student [...]

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3 Options to Avoid When You Need Money ASAP


No matter how careful you may be with your money, there are times when sudden, unavoidable expenses can arise, screwing up a budget and possibly leaving people scrambling for cash. This commonly arises, for example, with accidents/injuries that trigger expensive medical bills or even with vehicles when breakdowns or malfunctions lead to pricey fixes. If you find yourself in any situation where you need some extra cash ASAP, there can be a number of options out there… but, not all of these options are good. In fact, some may end up plunging you into serious debt very quickly. Below, we’ll [...]

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