Your Rights & the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: FAQs


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits debt collectors’ use of abusive, deceptive or unfair tactics to try to collect debts from consumers. Under the FDCPA, you, as a borrower, have certain rights, and debt collectors are obligated honor these rights and provide you with clear, truthful information. To clarify just what your rights and protections are under the FDCPA, below, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this law. Answers about Your Rights & the FDCPA Q – Are debt collectors allowed to contact me whenever they want? A – No. By law, debt collectors [...]

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4 Facts to Know When You Can’t Pay Your Bills


Even the most fiscally responsible people can find themselves in situations where they are unable to meet their financial obligations. Whether this is because of divorce, unemployment, illness or some other reason, the bottom line is that the following facts can be pivotal to helping you: Figure out your best debt relief options Know when to reach out for professional debt relief help. When You Are Struggling Financially, Be Aware that… 1 – Communicating with your creditors can be helpful. Ignoring your creditors is not a viable solution when you can’t make your debt payments. Instead, it can be helpful [...]

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Got Annoying Bill Collectors? Here’s How to Stop Them from Contacting You


When you owe on some debt and haven’t been able to make your payments on time, bill collectors will usually start bombarding you with calls and mail to try to get you to start making debt payments again. While these calls can be distressing, you should be aware that there are some things you can do to: Put a stop to bill collectors’ attempts to contact you. Start climbing out of debt and improving your overall financial situation. Stopping Bill Collectors’ Calls: Here Are the Steps You Can Take 1 – Request a validation notice. When a debt collector contacts [...]

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How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 3)


Ending our blog series How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips, below is some more helpful advice that can facilitate the process of paying down debt. How to Pay Down Debt: More Helpful Advice Tip 5 – Avoid running up new debt while you pay down your current debt. Although this tip to pay down debt may seem obvious, the journey to get out of substantial debt can be long, and new lines of credit can be enticing, especially when these credit lines offer no-interest periods or when you may need to do some extra spending (such as around the [...]

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How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 2)


Resuming How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 1), here, we will reveal some more essential things to keep in mind as you focus on reducing and eliminating your debt obligations. How to Pay Down Debt: More Essential Tips Tip 3 – Pay more than the monthly minimum on at least one debt. This is a crucial tip to remember if you truly want to pay down your debt. The reason is that, if you only end up paying the minimum monthly payments on all of your debts: You’ll never end up making any real headway in paying down [...]

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How to Pay Down Debt: 6 Tips (Pt. 1) 


The average U.S. household is carrying more than $203,000 in debt, when factoring in credit card debt, mortgage debt and student loan debts. While making efforts to pay such debt down is clearly important to getting to a better financial state, knowing just how to do this can be a little less clear, particularly if you are juggling multiple bills and financial responsibilities on a limited income. To shed some light on just how people can start to climb out of debt and improve their financial situations, in this blog series, we will highlight some straightforward tips regarding how to [...]

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